The new app is designed to easily manage and control your entire commercial lighting ecosystem from one central location. It’s bold, it’s brainy, it’s beautiful and it’s now filled with updated features that make provisioning and installation easier than ever.


Favorites is a custom list you create to easily manage your lighting network by adding any device, group or scene. As soon as you create a favorite, the favorites screen will automatically be the first thing you see when you launch the Avi-on App.

Setting up

Automatically control when any device or group of lights (zone) turn on or off with Avi-on schedules. Create a new schedule in seconds with the elegant, easy to use interface in the Avi-on App. Schedules are saved locally and in the cloud for easy syncing.


Control the correlated color temperature (CCT) of your favorite light fixtures with Avi-on CCT controls. Easily warm fixture output by adjusting to the low end of the CCT color spectrum or adjust to a bright white by sliding to the higher end of the CCT spectrum. Presets are also available for quick accurate adjustments.


Scenes allow you to illuminate areas based on specific lighting needs, times, or activities. Create a custom-programmed scene by adjusting dim levels, transitions and schedules for individual devices or groups (zones) of lights. Scenes can be activated with the Avi-on App or with a click of a button when configured to work with Avi-on wall stations.


The devices screen is the cornerstone of the entire Avi-on App. With the simple click of a button you can recognize and add all Avi-on adapters, sensors, controllers and fixtures using Bluetooth® technology through our patented mesh network. Control and set up each individual device with tools designed to make custom settings easy.


Control or manage many devices at once with Avi-on Group controls. The Avi-on App allows the creation of multiple groups to allow for simple wireless dimming or on/off control of a group (zone) of lights. Common uses are to create groups based on a circuit, location or even an ALL ON/ALL OFF switch.


Recreate full spectrum color light with Avi-on color controls used in conjunction with our partner’s tunable color fixtures. Avi-on color controls mix multiple colors (also known as channels) to accurately replicate the color, beauty and range seen by the naked eye in natural sunlight.


Control your lighting needs with the push of a button with an Avi-on Wall Station. The Avi-on App allows you to easily associate any device, group, or scene to each individual button on a wall station. Presets include the easy configuration of a scene controller or dimming wall station.

The avi-on app

Download the latest version of the Avi-on App for FREE. You can find it by clicking on the provided links to the Apple App Store or for Android on the Google Play store.


  • A lighting control device equipped with Avi-on’s Simple Bluetooth Mesh technology.
  • An iOS smartphone or tablet. Device must support Bluetooth
  • A device that supports BLE on the latest version of iOS
  • We recommend you have the latest version of iOS


  • A lighting control device equipped with Avi-on’s Simple Bluetooth Mesh technology.
  • An Android smartphone or tablet. Device must support Bluetooth
  • The Avi-on app for Android
  • We recommend you have the latest version of Android

Other Mobile
& Web Applications

Avi-on offers several mobile and web apps to assist with lighting system management including:

  • Avi-on “DIY” Mobile Commissioning App: Mobile app for smartphones or tablets available on iTunes or Google Play. Used to startup and support small, low-complexity projects under 150-200 nodes. The larger the project, the more likely you will need Avi-on Pro. Available here.

  • Avi-on Pro for Mac: Mac laptop application available to qualified partners only from Avi-on. Pro requires purchase of Avi-on Pro Toolkit, a Small Project & Support Toolkit (includes LTE Bridge), plus in depth training by Avi-on staff. Available here.

  • Avi-on ZoneScanner App: Mobile app available only from Avi-on. Speeds project startup by enabling electricians to “scan and assign:” scan Avi-on QR stickers and assign those devices to zones. Saves time and money. Available here.

  • Website for location user management and location creation/transfer. Also may be used for personal account username and password changes and sharing ZoneScanner 4 Digit Codes to existing Avi-on users. Available at

  • Website used for downloading Avi-on ZoneScanner CSV for manual zone import for username/password changes. Shows network status at the time of last connection (if there is no Bridge, that status may be years old). Not for system management, inadvertent errors might require paid remote or onsite assistance to correct.  Available at

  • Residential Home App:

    Available for non-commercial residential applications initially created for our legacy GE products. Download in the Apple App Store or Google Play.