The Avi-on Wall Station Sensor is designed for energy savings and code compliance. It features automatic “OFF” functionality that helps meet strict building codes, such as CA Title 24 and ASHRAE.


The Avi-on Wall Station Sensor provides automatic lighting control for a variety of indoor applications. It can replace any standard single-pole wall switch.

PIR detection is best suited for areas with (1) clear line of sight, and (2) good air circulation. Typical applications include classrooms, copy rooms, offices, conference rooms, and private restrooms.

Ultrasonic detection supplements PIR sensors in areas with (1) low air flow, (2) partitions and dividers or other irregular geometry, and (3) high levels of minor activity. Typical applications include public restrooms, private offices, classrooms, conference rooms, storage spaces, and break rooms.

OCC: occupancy sensing mode. Sensor will turn lights on automatically when motion is detected and turn lights off automatically after the area is vacated.

VAC: vacancy sensing mode. Sensor will automatically turn lights off after the area is vacated, but requires the user to manually turn lights on.

OFF: manual off. Load will stay off until manually switched on.

ON: manual on. Load will stay on until manually switched off.

AUTO: auto set occupancy sensing mode. Same as OCC except the sensor automatically adjusts the time delay based on occupancy patterns.

OCCS: occupancy single relay. Primary load is in OCC mode. Secondary load is in VAC mode.

OCCD: occupancy dual relay. Both loads are in OCC mode.

VACD: vacancy dual relay. Both loads are in VAC mode.

Manual on/off: End users can override any of the sensor modes at any time by operating the manual on/off controls.

Walk-through Mode: This feature is available only when the sensor is set to AUTO*. After motion is initially detected, the sensor will turn lights on. If no motion is detected beyond 30 seconds (such as when a person walks through an area) it will turn lights off automatically after another 2.5 minutes (3 minutes total) have elapsed. If motion is detected for longer than 3 minutes then AUTO mode will apply.


Select a part number from the table listed below
Part NumberProduct NameDescription
AVI-SEN-DUWSAvi-on Sensor Wall StationDual-Tech Ultrasonic Wall Station Sensor

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