Network Time

Network Time

Network Time Manager

Stay in Time with Avi-on

Introducing Avi-on’s Network Time Manager – the device that provides a remarkable 10 year battery back up and time synchronization to Avi-on networks. With an easy installation process, all you need to do is provide 12V power and place the Time Manager within range of your mesh network. It can be installed anywhere – whether it’s within a fixture, an electrical back box, or another convenient location. 

Once installed, the Time Manager will continuously ensure that all of your network devices are precisely synced to the exact current time whenever they are powered on or online. Say goodbye to the annoyance of manual time adjustments and let Avi-on’s Network Time Manager streamline your network’s timekeeping process.

Avi-on LTE Remote Bridge Avi-on LTE Remote Bridge

Network Time Manager

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Part NumberDescription
AVI-KIT-NTMKIT:Network Time Manager (no internet required), power supply incl

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