Network Accessories

Avi-on Network Accessories offer a wide range of features which are perfectly suited to meeting the needs of any situation for the Avi-on network. With the addition of wireless or wired cloud connectivity, you can remotely update schedules and sync with global clocks, so that your devices sync and stay up-to-date. Additionally, you can add third-party sensors and energy monitoring capabilities to your network, allowing you to make the most of your Avi-on system and keep your energy usage in check. With the help of these amazing accessories, you can enjoy the full range of benefits that the Avi-on network has to offer, for any project needs.

LTE/Ethernet Bridge
BACnet Link
Sensor Input Module (SIM)
Relay Closure Output
Network Time Manager
OpenADR Demand Response
Energy Monitoring

Product Categories

Fixture & Zone
Motion & DayLighting Sensors
Wall Stations
& Switches
Power supplies
UL 924
Emergency Lighting

featured products

The Avi-on family of products consists of load controllers, sensors, wall stations and connectivity products that work together in one big happy family.  Load controllers manage dimming, schedules, scenes, groups/zones and more while the sensors are able to detect motion with all new state-of-the-art features. These products work seamlessly with the Av-ion cloud to provide a robust wireless ecosystem.